Dominic Stanley Photography provides complete photographic services for your wedding, portraits and events.


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A little something about us...we are passionate about connecting you with the images we will create. Images that give you pause or stir an emotion and take you back to that exact moment in time. It can be as simple as a moment shared between two people, a special hug or a kiss, catching that unexpected bouquet or a child playing. Whatever the event, we hope to capture the emotion of the moment and preserve your memories for a lifetime.

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Dominic Stanley Photography

“I have seen Dominic's work and it is very well done, he does a great job of capturing the moment as he sees it, but he balances that with the fact that not everyone sees things as he does, and in those cases he is willing to say I am not the photographer for you. I believe this honest view of the world makes him my first recommendation to anyone looking to hire a photographer for any kind of picture.” --

Larry Grenevitch

“I have seen Dominic's work first hand. He does a great job!! He really gets to know his subjects and his finished product always looks great. He takes the time to find out what the client wants, adds his artistic flair and stills works within your budget!! Great person for all your photography needs!!” --
Tracey McLaughlin

“Dominic's attention to detail has made him a VERY competent photographer- able to make someone see not only WHAT he was looking at through a viewfinder, but also HOW he saw an event or a person. This emotion he is able to pull out of a subject is, in my opinion, the selling point for his business!” --
Jamie Dempsey

“Dominic has an eye for the unique. He gets that "special shot" all the while keeping it natural. Dominic would be an asset your wedding or any event where photos are to make memories.” --
Cynthia Block

We were very pleased with the quality and Dom provided us with some amazing photos. He was very creative with the shots. and  captured the entire essence of the event. Not only were there the typical wedding photos, there were some artistic and modern pictures. Great attention to detail. Great to work with. At such a normally stressful time, he was very calming. He also wasn't intrusive or invasive. All our memories were captured wonderfully! We highly recommend him!" --
Julie & Lori Wood

"Thank you! I loved the pictures! There was one of Sophia that almost made me cry. Thank you for being able to come to our home, it made it so much easier." --
Jennifer Butler

"You did a fantastic job on the album for my parents! The pictures were great and I loved the actual pages! Thank you for helping and providing them with pictures of the memories!" --
Kimberly Black

"Thanks for taking the pics yesterday. They all turned out great and I have had an extremely difficult time picking out just one...they are all so good! Thanks, you did an awesome job!" --
Linda Webb

"We definitely had a great time on the honeymoon and at the wedding...thanks for doing our pictures!" --
Lauren & Mitchell Rutledge

"The pictures are fantastic!!! Great job!!! Tamarah is absolutely beautiful!!!" --
Nell Young

"The photos were great and making a decision on only one was very difficult." --
Ken Williams

"She is so beautiful! The pictures are great!" --
Angie Davis Moore

"I was very pleased and they were back to me very quickly. Thanks again to you for all your trouble with the repeat crops--I really appreciate your patience.  I have sent many friends to your website to see the photos though and I know if we ever have an occasion to do this again, I would love to have you do them." --
Betsey Brown
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